19 February 2009

The Fox & The Crow

Me and a bunch of friends are having an exhibition starting next week so come and check it out!

The Fox and The Crow: A group installation exploring the fusion of Jewellery and Garment design.

Including visuals by Chris Cork, James Harmsworth, Dimitri Kalagas and Michael Watson.

Guilford Lane Gallery 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne.
Opening Thursday 26th February 6pm

08 February 2009

Ice Cream Sundae...

Thickshake straws and silver.

Ok already...

I keep getting in trouble for not having any of my work up so here's a little sample from the Return to Sender Series...

Security envelopes and silk thread.

and more...

security envelopes, silver and steel.

01 February 2009

C3 Contemporary Art Space

I just found out about a new show opening this Wednesday 4th of February 6-9pm at the Abbotsford Convent's C3 Contemporary Art Space. There are 5 shows spread over 3 galleries including the 'Wanderlust' installation by Rachel Feery and Alanna Lorenzon which i'm sure will be lots of child like fun judging by Rachel's last show. There is also a group jewellery show 'Colour Accord' which i will definitely be checking out!